Participation in the large international art project, which was held in January 2019 in Mexico, in the State of Quintana Roo, on Yucatan peninsula. The project was related to artistic activities in the field of natural art, earth art and land art. It was held from 12 to 26 January, 2019, under the slogan Sacbe – White Road – Rivera Maya – Mexico23 artists from 10 countries took part in the project – Mexico, Korea, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, China, Japan and Ghana. The idea of this artistic meeting was to visit various places in the region, getting to know the richness of the local nature, the historical and cultural heritage of the region and the country, meetings with local communities, and above all, joint artistic work, exchange of experiences and presentation of various creative attitudes. The team of organizers, consisted of with Daniela Jauregui Servin (general director of GNAP Mexico), Verónica Ugalde Romay (assistant of the general director of GNAP Mexico), Stanislav Cerny (artistic director of GNAP Mexico), and Filip Cerny (assistant of the artistic director of GNAP Mexico). Finally, the artistic project was summed up by two exhibitions (the first in Playa del Carmen, the second on the Cozumel island).

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